What leads me to paint is a feeling of lack similar to that felt when one has the uncomfortable feeling “of having forgotten something”.

My work is a kind of wandering where it is not the one who paints that tends towards a goal, but what is painted that leads him somewhere.

Each work is approached as a "robot portrait" in which, in layers, fleeting sensations emerge, reminiscences which, little by little, become visible, and therefore shareable.

The open playoffs are an opportunity to retrace my steps to try to go further.

My current work is abstract, but the figuration is flush with it.

There are multiple media, there is no technical a priori.


Paris 1950,
Resides and works in Paris and Finistère.


  • 1971 ENSAAMA Paris

  • GALERIE le Génie de la Bastille / Paris / France
  • Artist of Réalités Nouvelles
  • Member of the Signes et Traces group Salon Comparaisons


  • Finistère[S] | “Distinguished” exhibition Galerie du Génie de la Bastille, Paris
  • 2020

  • Impromptue | Gallery of Génie de la Bastille, Paris
  • 2019

  • New Realities Fair, Paris
  • Month of the Paris off photo, Cité de l'Industrie, Paris
  • 2018

  • Les Minis | Gallery of Génie de la Bastille, Paris
  • 2017

  • Open Art Galerie, Dijon